Family Game Night: Old School Fun!

Originally posted on June 26, 2020 @ 11:32 am

Oh, come on already!  Perhaps this whole COVID-19 quarantine thing was fun at first – who couldn’t use an unexpected vacation every now and then? – but now all sorts of realities have sunk in:  finances, daycare, school.  On top of it all, we’re getting BORED out of our wits.

Many of us have had the luxury of going to parks that are technically “closed” but which still allow folks to walk around, jog, just get outside.  But many people haven’t had this luxury and even those of us who do know that it’s only a matter of time before we lose it too, as more and more states are ramping up their lock-down requirements.

So, what to do, what to do?

Well, we Baby Boomers used to sit and play games.  As a matter of fact, family game night was a much-loved staple of family life back in the day.  Monopoly was a favorite!  My own family plays games often, which is such a joy to me because my sons are now adults.

These days, of course, technology has made virtual games the go-to and even I enjoy playing games on my phone (sometimes for hours and hours, I should be embarrassed to say but I’m not).   Of course the downside to all this techno-play is that it’s isolating.  And haven’t we all had quite enough of isolating to last us for a little while?

Instead, let’s break out the games and – GASP – spend some quality time TOGETHER!  Add a few snacks and drinks (yes, the adults can have adult drinks) and you’ve got a recipe for hours of fun and laughter.  The teenagers might actually laugh and talk to you!

Why not pull out that dusty bin of family games and give your family a much-needed break from the harsh realities of Coronavirus and the news?  In case you don’t have a dusty bin (but I bet you do!), I’ve made a few recommendations for you in the One OK Boomer shop.

Have fun!


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