Puzzles Get the Whole Family Together!

Originally posted on June 26, 2020 @ 8:27 pm

Whether or not you’re still caught in the coronavirus stay-at-home net, no doubt you’ll always be seeking ways to get the whole family together.

I know, I know.  These days (outside of these extraordinary circumstances), between technology, endless extracurricular activities, long work days, not to mention getting dinner on the table, who has time to sit down and do a puzzle?

You do!  There are no time constraints on puzzles.  They sit there and you can easily ignore them until someday comes and you make a moment.  But, more likely, a pretty or challenging puzzle will tempt your sense of curiosity with its colorful tidbits strewn all over and you just won’t be able to resist taking a few seconds to sit and search.  Then the magic happens:

* you relax

* your mind gets quiet and drifts away from chores and work and problems

* you find little pieces, little treasures, little jolts of joy

* whole sections come together and you get energized!

* BONUS:  other family members come and join, sometimes uninvited!  What?

Doing puzzles is one of the most relaxing activities.  When I was going through a rough patch of don’t-know-what-to-do-with-myself, I bought one on a whim when I saw it in the store.  Check out this beauty, completed:

Fairy-Nature Puzzle

I was so totally captured by the colors and all the different sections of this puzzle that sometimes I couldn’t walk away from it.  My husband worked on it with me at times.  Other times I would put on some calming, introspective music, pour myself a glass of wine and forget where I was.  (This was when I discovered Lapsley and Solange and added them to my Great Ladies playlist along with Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Kandace Springs and other of my musical idols).  I think this one took two weeks.  (It was hard, y’all!)  I enjoyed these nights so much that when it was completed, I turned right around and started another.  Here’s that one, completed:

Landscape Puzzle

These two puzzles were each 1,000 pieces.  Of course, the puzzles you choose don’t have to have as many pieces as these and don’t have to be as hard or as glorious (!) as these.  In fact, there are puzzles for every, single person in your family, from toddlers on up, and puzzles that would be perfect for your entire family together!  They come in mostly-standard sizes and numbers of pieces but sometimes there are some odd sizes.  I’ve made some recommendations for you in The Eclectic One OK Boomer Shop, generally categorized by number of pieces, or you can head on over and check out the whole lot of puzzles Amazon has to offer(I am an Amazon affiliate and any purchases might result in me making a commission which will not affect your cost or experience in any way.)

Puzzles bring the added benefit of beautiful art to your home.  The two puzzles above are actually framed.  My husband especially loved the first one, which I call the Nature Fairy.  If you and your family complete a puzzle and just can’t bring yourselves to throw it back in the box after all your fun accomplishment, there are lots of instructions out on the internet to show you how to frame it.  Here’s one website that gives several ideas on framing puzzles.

It’s always a good time to share a spontaneous, bonding activity with your family.  Now, more than ever, spending quality time – not just quantity – with our families is imperative.  Puzzles are a great way to do just that and end up with some gorgeous art as a bonus!



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